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The 7 BEST Reasons to Visit EL SALVADOR #DontSkipElSalvador

Is it safe to travel to El Salvador? How expensive is it? What currency do they even use? What is there to do when I get there?

When you think about El Salvador….what questions do you have?  What’s holding you back from visiting this Amazing country? Because  let me tell you if you´ve ever been on the fence about visiting El Salvador now’s the time to come!

Everyone who visits El Salvador falls in love with the country. There are so many special qualities that keep people like me here and draw tourists back time and time again. These are my top 7 reasons why you should visit El Salvador and experience it for yourself…

1.) The People of El Salvador are AMAZING! 

People in El Salvador are awesome! Now I know I´m biased because my husband and my daughters are Salvadoran but I´m telling you it´s true. Salvadoreans are known for their hospitality, kind hearts, and work ethic. They love to welcome people from any other countries with a smile. .  

No mater where they live or what resources they might have, they will always share and make sure you have a great time. There is a saying here in El Salvador, donde comen cuatro comen cinco or where 4 eat, 5 can eat. Meaning there is always room for one more.  

Even when you don´t speak the language, they will do whatever is needed to make you feel at home.  No one has ever made fun of me while learning Spanish, in fact most local Salvadorans will go out of their way to try to undersand and help you. I have played a game of spanglish charades more times than I can count  always ends in smiles, friendships, and  a new vocabulary word or 2.

people of el salvador

2.) El Salvador is SUPER Affordable to visit!

Food: Meals and drinks are very affordable, and depending on your prefferences, you can find delicious food ranging from $10 to $15 in very good restaurants. Or feast on pupusas where a party of 4 can eat for only $10. Local markets are stocked with all the fruits and vegetables you could imagine for a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else. For example, an avodado… $0.70, mangos… 5 for $1… everything fresh locally grown and preservative free. 

Fun: Surf or Adventure Tour packages, spa treatments, medical and dental care (if you are here for medical tourism) are widely available for a fraction of the cost anywhere else in the world let alone the continental united states.

Accommodations: An Air bnb in El Salvador will cost you around $70 a night, or there are cheaper long term options for when you ultimately decide to extend your stay, as most people do. There are also slightly more expensive hotel and resort packages available if that´s more your speed. Or for the more adventurous at heart hostels are plentiful and extremely reasonable.

Flights: For example a round trip flight to El Salvador from Los Angeles, Houston, or New York currently costs less than $200.

Dollar: However you slice it you can have the vacation of your dreams for pennies on the dollar. Speaking of the dollar it is important to note El Salvador currently has two legal currencies. The first of which being The US Dollar, which makes it super easy to have purchases and transactions without doing all that crazy math in your head (that is of course if you are used to The US currency). Secondly we also accept Bitcoin as a legal tender here in El Salvador as of September 2021. We are still in the transitional phase so not EVERYWHERE accepts it at this time, but it is now accepted at most hotels, restaurants, markets, and even my local dollar store. If you’re in a cryptocurrency and seeing it in action, this is where you want to be! All major credit cards are also widely accepted and there are atms on just about every corner. 

3.) The Weather in El Salvador is PERFECT!

Weather El Salvador

El Salvador is a tropical paradise, and technically there are two seasons. The dry season  runs from November-April, and the rainy season runs from May-October, but you can pretty much always guarantee it’s going to be about 87 degrees farenheit and sunny outside. It truly is an endless summer!

4.) El Salvador is FULL of Natural wonders!

With 23 active volcanoes, six national parks, and more than 200 miles of pristine coastline just calling out for surfers, there is something for everyone here. Even better the tourist locations in this country are often not very crowded, helping you feel like it’s just you and nature, perfect for the travel enthusiasts looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature.

lago suchitlan el salvador

5.) San Salvador is a MODERN Metropolis!

You may think with all this natural beauty around that San Salvador was out of touch with modern life, but you’d be sorely mistaken. San Salvador, El Salvador’s capital, is a modern metropolis and an important financial hub of Central America. The city is home to 2.4 million Salvadorans and hosts an impressive display of modern architecture, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, all kinds of restaurants, and a booming nightlife. There are also familiar comforts from The States, such as Walmart, Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, and Denny’s.  San Salvador has all of the makings and modern conveniences of any major city worldwide with the added benefit of being in El Salvador, which we already  explained is friendly and sunny all year round.

6.) Proximity EVERYTHING is so close in El Salvador!

Everything in El Salvador is so close because El Salvador is so tiny! The whole country is literally the same size as New Jersey! You can travel from one end of the country to the next from the Guatemalan border to Honduras in under 5 1/2 hours and the roads are in good condition making traveling from one location to the next pretty easy. Everything is so close you could literally hike a volcano in the morning, and then by the afternoon relax and surf at the beach. The next day you can visit a small artisanal town, and head to San Salvador in the evening to hit up a discotheque. It’s a small country that packs a big punch!

El Salvador is the same size as New Jersey

7.) El Salvador is SAFE to visit!

Special Shoutout to the tourists who shared their love for El Salvador in their own words!

El Salvador is safe to visit. Now, don’t get me wrong just like any major city there are areas where you won’t want to walk alone at night or be flashing around large amounts of cash. Common sense goes a long way but El Salvador IS NOT dangerous for travelers in fact generalized crime in el salvador has been greatly reduced over the past few years and is isolated to a few specific areas that travelers simply will not enter. Now I know this is a sensitive and complex topic, and one that should be handled responsibly, but I want to give you guys my honest opinion. I think it’s totally unfair that such a beautiful country full of such amazing people is often only thought of as being one of the most dangerous places in the world…when this is simply not true. El Salvador is safe to visit and that’s a fact. So while the headlines about El Salvador are usually of the negative variety the only truly negative thing about El Salvador… is having to leave.

There are a million reasons to visit and fall in love with El Salvador…. but these are my 7 BEST reasons why you should visit El Salvador. So what are you waiting for?! Book that flight come to El Salvador! You have to experience this AMAZING country for yourself!