Beaches of El Salvador Coast-to-Coast, Places to Visit

BARRA DE SANTIAGO Beaches of El Salvador Coast-to-Coast

Welcome to El Salvador Coast-to-Coast. In this series we’ll get to know every beach this AMAZING COUNTRY has to offer, as a family, & we invite you to come along with us!  We’ll show you the best locations, where to stay, where to eat, and what not to miss… Starting here at Barra de Santiago Let’s go!!! #ElSalvador #BarradeSantiago #dontskipelsalvador 



Located in Ahuachapan, El Salvador, a scenic 2 hour drive from the capital city of San Salvador, Barra de Santiago is a fascinating place where the ocean, estero, and river mouth come together. 

The beach in Barra de Santiago has warm water, nice sand, and a relaxed atmosphere year round. And is perfect for spending time with family and friends. And the estero in Barra de Santiago is home to a vast array of wildlife; birds, crabs, clams, shrimp, alligators, and many others call this wetland home.

Locals and foreigners alike visit Barra of Santiago to enjoy the spectacular views and relax in the warm Pacific ocean waters. But also to appreciate the diversity of flora and fauna found in the Estero wetland, a protected natural area in El Salvador. And this is where we will start our journey…. 


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