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Roadtrip Chalatenango & Suchitoto EL SALVADOR

Come drive through Chalatenango and Suchitoto El Salvador with us as we embark on a Sunday Family FUNday Roadtrip all in the name of finding an epic pair of Vans off Facebook MarketPlace, enjoying mesmerizing views with our lunch, and soaking in some fresh air, all while enjoying the company of each other…just another AMAZING Sunday in El Salvador!

I have always wanted a pair of classic slip on Vans, especially leopard slip on Vans, but as a mom of 3 young kids I´ve never been able to justify the price point. So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a pair, in perfect condition, in my size, for ONLY $10. It seemed almost too good to be real! Could it be true?!

The only issue was, the seller was in Chalatenango…over 2 hours away from where we live in San Salvador…but Carlos being the good sport, adventurous spirit, and all around AMAZING husband that he is offered to pilot this roadtrip under one condition…I have fun regardless of the condition of shoes themselves. (If you´ve ever purchased from Facebook marketplace then you already know that you never know what you are really going to get until you get there.)


I agreed to his very reasonable terms and conditions without another thought. We had been spending way too much time cooped up inside due to the endemic and we all needed some fresh air and new perspectives. So we packed some snacks, loaded the girls in Vader (our loyal car), and input our first destination in Waz. The trip would take 2.5 hours both ways, which we were expecting, but what I didn’t expect was how beautiful the drive would be.

We passed by fields and trees, rivers and valleys, over bridges, and past cows. We sang loudly off key to the radio with the windows down and wind in our hair. It was exactly what we needed.

When we arrived at Chalatenango (which means valley of waters and sands in Pipil) we were greeted by a large church and cobblestone roads. We walked around the small town square and met with the woman from Facebook Marketplace, she was so lovely and kind, and the shoes…were perfection! All of my expectations had been exceeded and I was over the moon! We were also VERY hungry at this point.  The woman from Facebook Marketplace recommended we stop by Suchitoto for lunch on our way home. She mentioned a restaurant with breathtaking views. We were sold.

We loaded the girls back into Vader, input the new coordinates in WAZE, and set off for Suchitito 1.5 hours away. We drove back over bridges, and through fields, and I rested my newly donned leopard feet on the dashboard, as we made plans to come back and visit Chalatenango more thoroughly again soon.

vista hermosa el salvador

By the time we made it to the restaurant, Vista Hermosa in Suchitoto we were starving, but our tummies even stopped growling when we saw the view.  A vast valley of trees and crystal blue lake as far as the eye could see. Words cannot describe the expansive vista that surrounded our table.

Vista Hermosa had a bit of everything on the menu, from roasted hen to classic burgers, and their prices were incredibly reasonable. We ordered the girls “mini burgers” from the kids menu (for less than the price of a happy meal). These so-called “mini burgers” were huge and delicious! We all enjoyed our food, the service, and the views immensely. I highly recommend Vista Hermosa!!

After lunch we reluctantly got back in the car and input the coordinates for home….we wanted to stay and get to know Suchitoto better too but needed to get home before the evening rain storm and the subsequent meltdown of our dog Zumi (who is terrified of the rain). We will most definitely be back to Suchitoto soon!

This was such a fun Sunday family Funday Roadtrip!! I canñot wait to hit the road again!

Vista Hermosa

vista hermosa