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COCTEL DE CONCHAS!!! Delicious Salvadoran Food that Moves!

Coctel de Conchas Salvadoreño is a raw clam cocktail found in El Salvador and today my husband is going to show us how it´s made! This AMAZING Salvadoran dish is best served alongside an ice cold Pilsiner and reminds me of the beach with every bite. #cocteldeconchas #elsalvador #recipe We purchased our Conchas at Mercadito Merliot in El Salvador and wrapped them in Newspaper until it was time to prepare the cocktails. Conchas can be enjoyed raw simply with a little lime and salt or as a Coctel de Concha Salvadoreño by adding chopped tomatoes, onion, cilantro, radish, and a dash of Salsa Ingelsa (worcester sauce).´The Conchas (clams) will squirn when you add the lime…THEY´RE ALIVE!!!If you ever get the chance to try one dont hesitate they are delicious!