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EL SALVADOR AIRBNBS – Casa Pelicanos – El Zapote El Salvador

Welcome to Airbnb Casa Pelicanos in El Zapote El Salvador!

Casa Pelicanos is a spacious 4 Bedroom 5 Bath Airbnb located in El Zapote El Salvador with direct access to the Barra de Santiago Estero (estuary). This Air bnb comfortably sleeps 12 people, and every room comes with AC, and it’s own bathroom. There is an AMAZING pool, fabulous view, and super fast wifi. Extra ammenities include a trampoline, kayak, and endless supply of hammocks.

We arrived at Casa Pelicanos worn out and weary from this past month, but from the moment we walked through the door, I could feel the troubles melting away. The house is huge and airy with large windows and greenery everywhere. The only sounds to be found were from the local birds that call the Barra de Santiago Estuary home, and the ocean waves brushing against the shore.

We spent most of our time in the pool, it was warm and inviting at all times, day and night. I couldn’t pull myself or my children away from it, in fact Luna actually learned to swim while we were there! It was such a special time as a family.

Casa Pelicanos has direct access to the Barra de Santiago Estuary, a vibrant marshland full of life. At low tide you can walk and walk accross the estuary and explore the protected marine life and mangrove trees. We spotted thousands of tiny spiral shelled crabs that scrurried around digging holes, seemingly waving as they passed by. We even spotted a large blue crab as he passed by us shin deep in the clear warm water. The sounds and sights of the marine birds were endlessly impressive and calming.

At high tide the estuary fills with water and you can take the kayak (supplied by Casa Pelicanos) out on the water. I had never been in a kayak before in my life and was a little imtimidated at first but quickly got the knack for it. It was one of the most peacful and yet exillerating moments I’ve ever had, and I love that I was able to share this with my girls and with you.

If you would like a guided boat tour of the Estuary, they are available as well and we will talk more about that in the El Salvador Coast-to-Coast Barra de Santiago video coming up.

I highly reccomend Airbnb Casa Pelicanos! It has That Expat Mom’s stamp of approval for sure! This Airbnb would be perfect for a family, family reunion, corporate event, or wedding abroad.

*For rental inquires: +1 (561) 235-4437






Come visit Barra de Santiago El Salvador & stay at Airbnb Casa Pelicanos!

The Barra de Santiago is a (very interesting) place where the ocean, river, and river mouth, come together. The Barra de Santiago has a beautiful beach and a protected (land that often or always has a layer of water) area that is surrounded by different types of mangroves.

This area, which is a top tourist destination in El Salvador, is located about 106 kilometers from the capital city of San Salvador, in the city of Jujutla, department of Ahuachapan.

Locals and foreigners alike visit the Barra of Santiago to appreciate the (many different kinds of people or things) of flora and animal population found in the (land that often or always has a layer of water); but, also to enjoy the amazing views and relax in the warm Pacific ocean waters.

We will visit Barra de Santiago in detail in our next Video:Β