El Salvador Tours

El Salvador packs so many incredible things into one small easy-to-access piece of land.

Not only do we want you to see it through our channel… we also want you to experience it for yourself!

That’s why we’re launching 4 incredible tours of El Salvador that will entice you to stay!


Be part of this amazing revolution and join us where it’s all happening!  Would you like to know where BITCOIN CITY will be?  Mining?  No Problem!  Let us take you where our natural resources will provide.  Would like to know more about relocating?  We can show you how!  Experience the freedom in every place where you will happily see the signs saying “WE TAKE BITCOIN”, at the same time meet people and places that embrace the digital future with happiness.


Are you wanting to travel with your family but unsure of where to go? I would love to share my favorite places with you. Places where everyone has something to remember. El Salvador has everything for everyone of all ages. Let us help you have an amazing experience and build memories as a family that will last a lifetime!


Relocating to paradise shouldn’t have to be difficult. So many questions and no guidance! Our tours can answer all of your questions while allowing you to have an incredible time and get to know El Salvador. Internet, food, markets, pharmacy, property purchases, fees, etc. Experience it for yourself and make the right choice. El Salvador is where you need to be!


Forget Costa Rica and Cancun. El Salvador is the country to visit. Whether you’re looking for adventure, or surfing the best waves in warm waters, Exploring Mayan Ruins, or relaxing and pampering yourself with world class massage and SPA. El Salvador has everything for everyone, and the best part… at a fraction of the cost! It is easy to fall in love with this small country full of smiles and warmth.